Did you know, 2,500 years ago Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, invented the greedy cup; an ingenious device which empties itself when filled past a certain level?

Fast forward to 1941, Dr. Schlumbohm invented the iconic CHEMEX® Coffeemaker now on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. How are these connected? Well, Marco and CHEMEX® have designed the Ottomatic® for the CHEMEX® Coffeemaker, adapting greedy cup technology to brew the perfect cup of coffee. 

Brought to you by Marco and CHEMEX® the Ottomatic® coffeemaker provides barista quality coffee at home and adapts the greedy cup technology by using innovative spray-head technology, exclusively designed for the iconic CHEMEX® Coffeemaker.  

The Ottomatic® automates the filter brewing process usually managed by a skilled barista in a specialty coffee shop. Through staged brewing cycles and pulsing water bath, the Ottomatic® manages time, temperature and turbulence. By facilitating even, consistent extraction the Ottomatic® ensures that every cup of coffee brewed at home is premium, barista-standard. The Ottomatic® also features an ice-coffee mode.

Each order contains:
1 x Ottomatic® Brewer
1 x Chemex® glass 6–cup carafe with a wooden collar and rawhide tie
1 x Glass coffee maker cover
Sample pack of 10 Bonded CHEMEX® Bonded Filters

Ask your local coffee roaster about the Ottomatic® coffeemaker, or check it out on the Marco website. Buy the Ottomatic here

Or find your nearest distributor here

The Ottomatic® for the iconic CHEMEX® Coffeemaker