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    Accounts and Subscriptions
    • I can't log into my account.
      We are in the process of moving all the functionality of our old website here, so currently we do not have the ability to access your old account information. However please do not worry we have all your data under lock and key and off the internet. When we are able, we will let you know and reactivate this feature in compliance with all GDPR regulations.
    • Are you selling subscriptions?
      Not at this time. COVID has hit the traditional publishing business pretty hard and we are unable to make a printed magazine a viable option at this time. However never say never, we might bring it back later in 2021.
    Working with us
    • Let's Collaborate!
      There's a lot of talk about collaborations, especially as now we are all content creators, micro influencers, YouTube stars and TikTokkers. We see collaborations as a partnership here at Caffeine, we believe that a collabs work best when both sides work together towards a shared goal and agree there is a fair exchange of value. This needn't be monetary value but what each party brings is an exchange for the mutual benefit of each other.

      Some of the questions we may ask are:
      - What is your brand looking for?
      - What are you bringing to the table?
      - What are the goals for the collab?
      - How long will the collab last?
      - What's the expected budget?
    • Media Partnerships
      Caffeine Magazine is the award-winning guide to the world of speciality coffee. As the largest and most influential print publication within the industry, we are the media partner for many of the major speciality-focused coffee festivals. These include the London Coffee Festival, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow Coffee festivals, plus a number of smaller fringe festivals and events.

      If you would like a conversation with the team please present us with your expectations and the value your event brings so we can all have a mutually beneficial partnership. Below are some of the benefits of working with Caffeine.

      What Caffeine can offer your event
      - Editorial coverage
      - Social media coverage
      - Magazines for your event
      - Competitions via social media
      - Online editorial feature
      - Innovative activations
    • Do you offer internships?
      No, we are not set up for internships
    How to pitch a story to us
    • Please follow these guidelines
      If you have a great idea and would like to write a feature for us, please email us through the contact form.

      Here is what we’d like from you:
      - Pitch us new and interesting ideas, and something you’re incredibly passionate about. This is what will make your pitch stand out.
      - Bring value to the readers, think what will the reader learn from their time reading this piece. If this is just about you and your company it probably won't resonate with our audience.
      - It's not about you or your company, if you have a new cold brew or a new
      - The interesting intersection of coffee and the rest of the world. Tell us something interesting where fashion and coffee meet or technology and coffee overlap.
      - A clear and concise paragraph that outlines your idea, what the general structure of the feature will be and why you think our readers will enjoy it, like this:

      Headline: CBD Coffee: Fact or Fiction?

      In this story I will explain the growing trend in CBD in coffee, and why it may not be the most beneficial way of taking CBD. I will explore the legality of CBD and the scientific research currently available. I'll have quotes from coffee industry professionals, scientists and representatives from a UK hemp farm.

      Word Count : 1000

      - Links to relevant examples of your published work.
      - Think visual: Caffeine prides itself on its visual aesthetic, so if you can provide images to give us a better idea on your feature, that will stand you in good stead to be published.
      - A sense of the sources you would use/speak to illustrate your argument. Explain why you have the acumen to produce the feature.
      - Treat your feature as a conversation with our readership – impart your knowledge, but make it digestible. Be informative, engaging with a light touch!
      - Ideally, you will be familiar and/or a reader of Caffeine! To get a gauge on our house style, we recommend picking up a few copies.
    • A few no nos
      Please do not pitch us ideas about your new roastery or cold brew brand,  a new dishwasher or a new café started up by an ex-city banker who's looking for fulfilment.

      A successful business person gives up their soul-destroying but lucrative career in the city to fulfil their dream of opening a cafe.

      We can sympathise with hating the grind of our day job and wanting to walk out while flicking the bird to our boss. However, this kind of feature speaks to a very privileged position and is tone-deaf to our audience.

      I’ve just opened a new café / roastery
      We’re happy to see new places open up, but unless you are doing something exceptionally different, this doesn’t warrant a 1500 word feature. May we suggest an advertorial instead?

      Top 10 Cafes in London
      There are now over 500 speciality cafes in London – We need to be specific, funny or useful. For example, if you pitched us the top 10 cafes that employ dog baristas – now there’s a feature!

      That exact feature you’ve just read on ‘VICE’ or ‘Time Out’
      We all get inspiration from articles we’ve seen elsewhere, but please understand we probably read that feature too.

      Caffeine/Coffee is bad/good for you
      So there’s a new piece of research that unequivocally proves that caffeine is bad/good for you. Have you got hard data, has it been peer-reviewed? Or did you just hear it on a podcast?

      We have a new dishwasher/fridge
      Unless your dishwasher can magically brew coffee too, we’re not interested.

      Your new award-winning smart coffee instrument on Kickstarter
      We’re going to defer to iDubbbzTV on this one
    • Our paper
      All our paper purchased for the printing of Caffeine Magazine is sourced from either FSC(r)  (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC(r) (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) accredited suppliers. The paper waste from production is 100% recycled.
    • Key Environmental Printing Elements
      - We use chemical-free printing plates, manufactured from aluminium, which are 100% recyclable after use.
      - All the inks used in our printing are all Soy-based.
      - We use PDF soft proofing and secure digital file transfer to reduce materials and resources.
      - All the hazardous waste created in the printing process is collected by accredited waste disposal experts in compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations, and over 90% is recycled.
      - We fulfil mailing in-house to reduce the carbon footprint of extra transportation.
      - Our mailing film (plastic polythene wrap) is a hot topic, however, in most cases, our polythene (LDPE) mailbags are fully recyclable.
    • Our Printer’s Environmental Certifications
      We use Pensord press to print Caffeine, they have the following environmental certifications:
      ISO14001:2004 since 2007
      ISO9001:2008 since 1995
      These certifications cover areas such as: Prevention of Pollution; Reduction of Raw Material Use; Reduction in Energy Use; Landfill Avoidance; Control of Air Emissions; Recovery, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Materials wherever practicable.
    • Distribution
      All our subscriptions are posted via Royal Mail, we believe in keeping as many of our magazines within this system as they are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and our magazines tag along with thousands of other pieces of mail every day.
      Caffeine’s mission is to provide a widely accessible magazine to anyone who wishes to learn more about speciality coffee. Therefore, we need to deliver these physical copies to cafes and coffee shops around the UK. We are committed to cutting our carbon footprint, as such, we are making bulk deliveries to coffee roasteries where we can. The magazines can then be moved to their final destinations with other items (such as roasted coffee) to the cafes. This may mean that it takes longer to find the magazine in your favourite speciality cafe but we hope to be making a small step towards cutting the number of couriers on the road.

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